Salesarmy Employee GPS Tracking Mobile Application for growing businesses

Everything your team needs to work smarter

GPS Tracking

Use Mobile GPS to get accurate location of your sales team. Mark Employee Attendance with a Selfie and Location.

Expense Tracking

Track & Manage Expenses, Upload Invoices, Categorize Expense, Submit Expense for Approval & Reimbursement.


View Reports Day wise, Month wise & Date Range for Attendance, Client Visits, Expense & Orders

Meeting Scheduling

Smart online meeting scheduling tracking that makes team management, shift planning, and clocking in simple.

Chat & Notifications

Communicate and send push notifications to inform & engage the employee on a 24/7 basis .

Order Tracking

Place Orders and maintain delivered and undelivered orders via inventory management.


Salesarmy Employee Management application is specially designed keeping in mind its end user i.e. field staff. Rather than making it a multi-optional application, commonly used operation like order booking process is kept quite simple. Salesarmy application is available on Android Platform.

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With its easy to use and dynamic features Salesarmy has quickly become the goto application for GPS Tracking, Attendance, Leave Management, Meeting Management, Order Taking , Client Management & Expense Management functionalities. Which are used in a wide array of industries like Pharmaceutical, FMCG and Services.

wide array of features

Everything you need to run your business like clockwork.

GPS Tracking

Monitor the movement of on-field Employees with feature such Live location and GPS route mapping . You get to see the live battery percentage.

Device ID Lock

One Employee = One Device, Employees cannot signin from multiple devices. This prevents incidences of proxy attendance.

Instant alerts

Managers & Team Leaders can monitor Attendance, Meetings, Order Placement and GPS Alerts via Real-Time Push Notification

Client management

Add new clients and Start placing Orders within seconds. Client locations are inserted automatically which helps in creating BEAT plans.

bulk order

We know how bulk ordering can be quite a task but worry not, we recognize all your needs & strive to meet them as effectively as possible.

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How it works

Understanding our easy to use product

GPS Tracking

Use GPS technology to get accurate Location of your sales team. Mark your employee's attendance With time and GPS location along With selfie image. Live location of employee can be Viewed on screen.Map client locations and add new Clients on the go.

Beat  Plan

Create beat plans for employees with ease. Auto check-in and check-out during client visits. Duration of visit is automatically calculated with meeting locations.

Push Notifications

Keep track of hurdles & problems faced by employee through chat. Send push notifications from leadership, launch new products and services.

Knowledge Center

Employees and Clients can view all Product related Documents, Videos & Images for Sales Skill Development. Add Quiz for testing Employee Product Knowledge.

Client Visit

Schedule meetings with client simultaneously, get reminders prior to meetings. Assign task and meetings to field employees remotely. Get real time activity updates such as client visits, meeting time & duration & meeting remarks.

Product Showcase

Display your products with all the relevant documents, images and videos and give your employees the the on field backup by providing in-depth product knowledge. Employees can add client orders directly by choosing the products and selecting the quantity.


Reports or authentic reports. Which one will you prefer?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Everything You Can Think Of Achieving!

Track, Manage, Chat, Add Expense, Manage Leave, Generate Reports - Practically a One Stop Solution for Managing Field Force.



Salesarmy Plus

  • GPS Tracking
  • Attendance with Selfie
  • Leave Management
  • Activity Alerts
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Salesarmy Pro

Everything in Salesarmy Plus & more

  • Bulk Order Management
  • Generate Reports
  • Client Visit Management
  • Knowledge Center
  • Product Showcase
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